Takashi Uesugi's interview in Deutche Welle

IM GESPRÄCH "Die Lüge hat System" Deutche Welle

Let’s take a look at just one example. As this photograph shows the explosion of the Fukushima nuclear power plant reactor No.3, I think it is known very well in Europe. However, not so in Japan. It has not been recognized yet in the Japanese media since a year after the disaster. The Japanese government and media have ever said that the explosion did not occur. If the photo was unveiled, the contradiction would come to light.

Caption (right): Uesugi, a Japanese journalist, says the photo of the reactor No.3's explosion has been known to quite a small amount of people in Japan.

Verification Result: The photograph Uesugi says not allowed to be released was already appeared in the major newspapers on Mar 18, 2011.

Asahi Shimbun, March 18

Yomiuri Shimbun, March 18

The Nikkei, March 18

The Times, March 18

The Japan Times, March 19

The Daily Yomiuri, March 19


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