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Posted by Mika Iwamuro (tottorimiyagi, mii) 白い犬リーちゃんを探しています

[Please help us find missing white dog. Please Share and Spread The Truth.]

We are looking for missing white dog named Lee-chan,
she was lost at Arahama-district Sendai-city Miyagi-prefecture Japan,
after the Earthquake.
Thank you so much for many help.
(Fri) July 17th 2015 (Japan time), the white dog Lee-chan is still missing.
Please eyewitness information.

About 4 years ago, after the Japan Big Earthquake and Tsunami (March 11th 2011),

Several Major Medias reported false rescue story "both dogs were rescued by an animal rescue (off road bikers)".

But in fact Brown tan dog named Mei-chan was rescued by her real owner Mr. Okubo on March 18th 2011.

When Lee-chan (white dog) was not there.

In fact The white dog has been missing since March 14th 2011.

Even now, their real owner just hope that he will meet his white dog again.

I think that there are many possibilities.
I thought there is possibility that Lee-chan is dead.
But there is possibility that Lee –chan is alive!
Maybe Lee chan was rescued by overseas people, and carried somewhere.
Maybe Lee chan was rescued neighbor and she is alive, and neighbor does not have Internet, so neighbor does not know that the owner is looking for Lee chan.

There are several possible.
I want to try all means possible to find Lee-chan.

Youtube movie:

Mei (one of two loyal tsunami dogs in Japan) eat food, filmed by Mika

Feature of the missing dog

Name: Lee (Lee-chan, ‘chan’ is Japanese honorific.)
English setter
Large dog
Totally white on her body
Her ears are right brown
She has gray spotted around her nose
Then she had silver chains around her neck
Then 8 years old (Now 12 years old)
Then not spay
Then not microchipped
Gentle & Friendly

When Last Seen

4 years ago, Monday March 14th 2011 about 7 am,
a photo of Lee-chan was taken by Takuya Imai who is a cameraman of Nikkei newspaper, near the place dogs filmed by Fuji TV.
And March 13th 2011 about 4-5 pm, Lee-chan was filmed by Fuji TV crew.

Where Last Seen

Nearby 円庵(まどか庵 Madoka-Ann which was light meal shop.), near the Sendai Municipal Arahama Elementary School, in Arahama, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken, Japan.
Nearby Miyagi Prefectural Road137, Arahama-Haranomachi Line in Japan.


Image of Lee-chan (filmed by Fuji TV at March 13th 2011 about 4-5 pm.)

Image of Lee-chan (this photo is taken by Takuya Imai who is a cameraman of Nikkei news paper, at near by Madoka-Ann, on March 14th, 2011. about 7 am)

Madoka-Ann was the place where the dogs filmed by Fuji TV
津波で倒壊した家に残る犬(14日午前、仙台市若林区)=写真 今井拓也
A dog stay with a house which was collapsed by tsunami (March 14th, 2011. Morning, Arahama) = The picture by Takuya Imai
When these dogs filmed by Fuji TV on March 13th 2011, 4-5 pm, white dog (Lee-chan) laid herself down on the ground, but next morning Lee-chan stood up by herself in Nikkei photo.
Their real owner said “This dog of the photo is Lee!”

Do you know someone who had been in Sendai around March – April 2011?
4 years ago, actually, PETA Asia, HSI, Kinship Circle, other foreign cameramen, human rescuers had been in Sendai at that time, but I don’t know other foreign people.
If you know, please tell them this info & please tell me.
I think that there is possibility Lee-chan was got by overseas people, and she was adopted to far from Sendai Japan, but those rescuers might believed in false rescue report and they have not look for the real owner.

Or they might did not notice that Lee-chan is same dog as one on TV, or might did not know about these dogs at the beginning.
Pattern on Mei-chan (brown tan dog) is so characteristic, but there are many dogs like Lee-chan (white injured dog).

If anyone have the info on the missing Lee-chan (white female setter), whoever please tell me (Mika Iwamuro) via Email

I was not able to read and write English until Jury 2011, I started to learn English from July 2011, so I late to ask foreign people about this matter.
Too much time passed from the earthquake, but I & their real owner cannot give up searching Lee-chan.
Please help us.

URL of this page:
Tiny URL of this page:
If you access this page from your cell phone, then often 403 error occur.
In that case, would you please access this page again after a short interval, and you can watch this page.

●Nippon SPCA, Ms. Akiko Fujimura said

She received an information that a person looked Lee-chan in Arahama Elementary School, on March 17th 2011, but I have not heard detail.

Above image: Arahama elementary school about March 21st 2011.

Madoka-Ann(Madoka-Arahama) was in back of the dogs in Fuji TV video.
(Now, Madoka-Ann is not there, because it was torn down around November 2011.)

Before the earthquake Madoka-Ann

After the earthquake Madoka-Ann

(Madoka-Ann was around 50 second in this video)

There is ken-do 137 (137 Prefectural Road) just in front of Madoka-Ann, Lee-chan was last seen by Nikkei cameraman near there.

Japanese Self Defense Force, or police, or Firemen, or other, they had marked after search survivors.
March 17th 2011, someone marked on Madoka-Ann.
But we have not known who marked this, even though we have searched who is this.

■We have inquired about Lee-chan to several organizations.

●May to July 2011, their real owner Mr. Okubo had visited the Sendai Animal Control Center several time, but a workers said that white setter like Lee-chan has not been in there.

●In September 2011, I reported it the police and the Self-Defense Forces in Miyagi-prefecture Japan.

They said “we wish white dog will be found” “I wish the best, please tell the owner ”
But till now, they have had no information of Lee-chan.

Since after March 19th 2011, every Saturday and Sunday, Madoka-Arahama staff had been to aroud this place, but they have not seen white dog.

Until now, I have inquired about white setter to several animal rescue group, Minasigo-kyuuen-tai, Angels shiga, Animal Friends Niigata, Heart Tokushima, PETA Asia, these 5 group were searching for the two tsunami dogs in Sendai-city Japan around March 14 – 15th 2011. But they said “We have not seen white dog or brown tan dog”.

Also I asked dogwood and UKC JAPAN, but they have not seen the white setter.

January 2012, a staff of fire fighting team in Miyagi who asked other members, their family, 500 people, about white dog.
But, unfortunately, they have not seen white dog, but I think we could close Lee-chan one step.
We continue to search for Lee-chan.

March 2012, I asked Kahoku news paper and Sankei news paper, because they reported about Arahama-district Sendai-city, but they have not seen white dog.

I inquired of Gifu, Okinawa, Aichi Self-Defense Forces, because some of them had been in Sendai, but they have no information.

I inquired of Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo, if they had seen the white large dog, because some of them had been in Sendai, but they said that “It is hard for us to find the members who had been in Sendai at that time, because too many member went to disaster area.”

July 2012, I inquired of Animal Peace Miyagi, they are so kind, but they have no informatin about Lee.

August 2012, A-cube Miyagi said that they have no information.

I have inquired of 14 animal rescue groups and other about 15 facilities in Japan, if they saw white dog, but 9 groups said “We were told that both dogs were rescued.”
And most of other people did not know these dogs from the beginning, and only one group Animal Friends Niigata, Isabella said “NO proof of their safe, NOTHING.” around October 2011.

August 2012, 2 groups said “We thought both dogs were rescued”, September 2012, one group said same thing.

Around August 2012, I inquired of Ashlay Fruno and PETA Asia, Ashlay has not replied me, but PETA member replied me, but they didn’t had the information of Lee.

Around February 4th 2013, I inquired of HSI and Kinship Circle and ASPCA, about Lee-chan, HSI replied me but they don’t have the information of Lee-chan.
Kinship Circle and ASPCA have not replied me yet.

Even now(March 10th 2013), rumors and major media's wrong report are hindering us from searching for the white dog.

■Is this Lee-chan? information(all in Japanese)

Update (Thu) February 18th 2013
I have received many information about white setter from many people, thank you so much!!

I have added everyone’s information on above Link

■Missing Dog Poster (up date February 24th 2013)

Poster Missing white tsunami dog Sendai Japan leechan0314demosoft.PDF

Do you know if someone has seen the white large dog in Sendai Japan, since after March 14th 2011?

Several news said that many foreign human rescuers, animal rescuers, cameramen had came to Sendai Japan, since March 12th 2011.

We believe someone has seen Lee-chan.

Please ask your friends if someone has seen white female setter from Sendai Japan.

Timeline Detail:

March 11, 2011.
When the tsunami came, the moment their real owner Mr. Hisato Okubo heard the tsunami warning, he turned his home, and he took his two dogs(Mei and Lee) and took refuge to the fives floor in Elementary School.
Soon after that, his house and his cell phone were washed away by the tsunami.

March 12, 2011.
Mr. Okubo joined the volunteer fire department, a man told him "There is some dog food for a week-10 days in Elementary School.", so he left two dogs in the Arahama Elementary School, and he went to the work of the Volunteer fire department to help other people.

Until March 12, 2011, the two dogs were chained in Elementary School, but it seems that someone lost the chaine...

March 13, 2011, 4-5 pm
Two dogs were filmed by Fuji TV crew.
And Fuji TV reporter Mr. Yamashina and other crew did not rescue the two dogs. And they left two dogs behind.
Mr. Yamashina and other TV crew have NOT called a vet or other rescue.
(I heard this information from Mr. Yamashina on the phone, in early October 2011.
Mr. Yamashina is a reporter of Fuji TV.)

(Mon) March 14, 2011, about 7:00 am.
A picture of white dog was taken By Takuya Imai, he is a cameraman of Nikkei news paper, near the place where dogs filmed by Fuji TV.

(Mon) March 14, 2011, about 9:40 pm.
Two dogs were aired on Fuji TV.
And these two loyal tsunami dogs became famous all over the world via youtube.
So many people were concerned about these two dogs, and posted "help these dogs! Why did not Fuji TV crew rescue these dogs?" everywhere.

(Tue) March 15, 2011.
False rescue rumor started on Facebook.

(Wed) March 16, 2011.
Many Japanese/overseas blogger posted on their blog "two dogs were rescued by off road bikers!" without confirmation of fact.
The rumor spread like wildfire.

(Thu) March 17, 2011.
Fuji TV(Japanese major media) reported false rescue story “Two tsunami dogs were rescued by an animal protection group. White injured dog is receiving a drip infusion treatment.” without confirmation of facts.
There were NO rescued dogs, and were only stray dogs, on Fuji's rescue report.
At (Thu) March 17th 2011, Fuji TV crew NO ONE has seen these two dogs were rescued, they have only heard a rumor.
In fact white setter named Lee has been missing since March 14th 2011.

(Fri) March 18, 2011.
Their real owner Mr. Okubo rescued Mei (brown tan dog) in elementary school where near the place where dogs filmed by Fuji TV.
But Lee (white dog) was not there.
There after, Mr. Okubo and his family have been looking for Lee frantically.

At that time, Mr. Okubo had not known that his dogs were aired on the TV around the world.
Intently, Mr. Okubo & his family have been looking for Lee frantically.

March, 2011.
Several Major medias reported false rescue story "both dogs were rescued by an animal rescue." around the world.
Fuji TV(Japan), CNN, NPR, TYT, CBS, ABC(America), UK telegraph, ITN(England), Apple Daily(Hong Kong), Russian TV, more,
Several major medias reported false rescue “Two loyal tsunami dogs were rescued. Happy ending!” without confirmation of facts.
But in fact, white setter named Lee-chan has been missing since March 14th 2011.
Of course, there were NO film/pictures of after dogs were rescued, on their report.
There were only stray dogs, on their report.

But even now, March 10th 2013 major medias still have NOT corrected their wrong reports.

So many many people still believe that Japan two loyal tsunami dogs were rescued by bikers.
Even now (March 10th 2013), rumors and major media's wrong report are hindering us from searching for the white dog.

Major medias reported false information, and they are hindering us from searching for the white dog, but major media still have NOT corrected their wrong reports.

A man said "Major media make money by publishing stories people want to know. It is not about the truth. false rescue was a good story."

Do you want FAKE good story?
I NEVER want to know any lies.
I always want to know the TRUTH.

I and many Japanese requested Fuji TV to correct their wrong report, but Fuji has never replied us.
Maybe, if Fuji TV reports the truth (white dog is still missing), then Fuji TV lose their popularity and Fuji lose the benefit. So Japanese medias have not reported the truth.

Late in July, 2011.
Fuji TV reporter Mr. Yamashina visited Mr. Okubo's house. Then Mr. Yamashina actually saw Mei (brown tan dog) and made sure that Mei is the same dog aired on Fuji TV.
Mr. Yamashina told Mr. Okubo "There is a rumor that a dog was rescued by a man who lives in Chiba-prefecture."
Mr. Okubo and his family said "If that man has Lee (white dog), we want him to return Lee to us."
But as everyone know, rescue story is false rumor….

September 8th, 2011.
I phoned the two Mr. Okubo on September 8th 2011, for the first time.
I heard Okubo's voice, I was moved by the sad voice in which the Mr. Okubo spoke "white dog is still missing".
I repented, I should have noticed false rumor.
If I/other people noticed Media’s false report earlier, Lee-chan might was found long time ago.

September 14, 2011.
Mr. Harigaya visited Mr. Okubo’s house on September 14th 2011, for the first time.
When Ms. Akiko Fujimura (the Nippon SPCA founder) went to the Mr. Okubo’s house with Mr. Harigaya. Akiko Fujimura met Mr. Okubo on September 14th 2011, for the first time, too.

They actually saw brown tan dog.

Thanks to everyone's efforts, thank you 2 channel users, thank you Global Animal and GA readers! Thank you Mr. Harigaya!
If it were not for GA reports and GA reader's comments, and 2 channel user's posts, and Mr. Harigaya's advice, I could not contact their real owner.

November 1, 2011.
Akiko Fujimura published Mei-chan's photos and two dogs's story, via Hachiko Coalition facebook page.

UPDATE JAPAN: One Loyal Tsunami Dog Found

November 3rd, 2011.
APF news: Farm Sunctuary Farm of Hope ~Fukushima~ Official BLOG
Kurumi-chan and Lee-chan (Copied and translation)

Their real owner Mr. Okubo just hope he meet his white dog named Lee again!

The owner had not has any Internet environment since the earthquake, so we have been supporting to search for Lee-chan.

Lee-chan (white injured dog) and Mei-chan (Brown dog) attracted the people's attention to many victim animals, all over the world, and they rescued many animals.

So... Let's repay their loyal.

Let's reunite with Lee-chan (missing white dog) & her real owner Mr. Okubo & Mei-chan (safe brown dog).

Do you know someone who got white dog from Sendai Japan?

The real owner of Japan Two Loyal Tsunami Dogs, Mr. O described how he felt [1]

[2] The real owner of Japan Two Loyal Tsunami Dogs, Mr. O described how he felt

Please tell me your information about white femal setter from Sendai Japan.
Mika Iwamuro (みぃ@meba、tottorimiyagi、mii3328)

Even if someone has seen dead white dog in Sendai Japan, please tell me.

Sorry to ask this of you when you are busy, but I hope your help.

Also, Farm of Hope and Nippon SPCA are still looking for Lee-chan.

Farm of Hope [M Farm]

Nippon SPCA

Youtube|mii169686 (Mika Iwamuro)
(There are the movie of brown tan dog named Mei-chan)

Facebook|Mika Iwamuro
(Please share about Lee-chan)

Twitter @tottorimiyagi
(Please RT about missing white dog)