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Posted by Mika Iwamuro (tottorimiyagi, mii) 

[Please help us find missing white dog. Please Share and Spread The Truth.]

About 2 and a half years ago, after the Japan Big Earthquake and Tsunami (March 11th 2011),

Several Major Medias reported false rescue story "both dogs were rescued by an animal rescue (off road bikers)".

But in fact Brown tan dog named Mei-chan was rescued by her real owner Mr. Okubo on March 18th 2011.

When Lee-chan (white dog) was not there.

In fact The white dog has been missing since March 14th 2011.

Even now, their real owner just hope that he will meet his white dog again.

On Sunday September 15th 2013 (Japan time), the article of missing Lee-chan (one of the Japan Two Loyal Tsunami Dogs) was reported on the Chunichi newspaper (Japanese local newspaper).

Unfortunately, Lee-chan is still missing, but we will not give up.

Mr. Okubo who is the guardian of the Japan Two Loyal tsunami dogs, he is in this photo.
Japanese-English translation below.

“On Sunday September 15th 2013, Chunichi newspaper Morning edition.

Search, Look for
When he hold the lead, he is reminded of...
From the disaster area, three years after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

2 and a half years have passed since he get separated his treasure dog at the Arahama Elementary School in Wakabayashi-district Sendai-city Miyagi-prefecture Japan.

The tsunami reached the 2nd story ceiling of the Elementary School, It's off limit to the public now.
His dog is "gentle lady" and her ears are light brown, lop‐eared.

At the day of the earthquake, female dog named Lee was then 8 years old. Her guardian Mr. Hisato Okubo (23 years old) says "I can't know whether Lee is dead or alive, it's hardest for me." even now, he has been continuing to wish for aneyewitness.
He was living with his parents and sister and Lee and Mei (female 5 years old) at the home facing the only swimming beach in Sendai-city of Arahama-district.
Mei joined the family, when she was a child. Sometimes Mei sucked on the Lee's breast, though it's didn't give milk. It seemed that Mei thought Lee is her mother.

They played ball on the beach, were playing tag in real earnest, his two dogs are "a family, they always had been together, they were raised together."

Mr. Okubo is a member of a fire brigade. When the tsunami came, he led the residents to evacuate the refuge shelter, and after that he ran into the Arahama elementary school with Lee and Mei.

Next day, rescue helicopter of the Japanese Self‐Defense Forces arrived. After he sent other sufferers, when he got into the helicopter, a Self-Defense Forces personnel said "this helicopter does not take any dogs".

Countless debris were scattered all over the place, it was not possible to walk.
He thought that "I will meet my dogs again soon." and tied two dogs tight with the lead on the 4th floor veranda and put some foods and water.

Two days later, when he returned to the elementary school, two dogs were off lead.
He found Mei in the elementary school, but Lee was not there. He searched here and there looking for missing Lee, and he visited the animal control center any number of times.
Mr. Okubo says "Living alone is hard. If a person who saved Lee hope that he/she keeps Lee, it wouldn't be a problem. I'm happy as long as Lee is alive".

Arahama residential district was utterly destroyed by the tsunami, including his house in less than 1 minutes from sea.

Now, his parents live in a deemed temporary apartment, Mr. Okubo lives together with Mei in the pets allowed temp house.

The tsunami robbed his happy family time at home, but new connections are created. Single Elderly Persons who live in the temporary house say "Mei is our friend" and stroke her and present some foods to her. Now, Mei is an idol in the temp house.

And, on the internet, "Lee-chan must be alive" "I reunited with my dog after ten years." many people have sent the encouraging message to him.

When he takes Mei for a walk from the temp house, Mr. Okubo always use the lead which is Lee's lead that was left in the elementary school.

Original article:
捜す、探す リードを握れば そこに








(Above article was reprinted by Chunichi newspaper and translation by Mika Iwamuro)

Unfortunately, Chunichi newspaper is not distributed in Sendai-city.

But Chunichi newspaper has a sales territory comprising several prefectures in Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shiga, Fukui, Nagano).
And they has a daily circulation of 2.8 million in Japan.
Also the same article was reported on Tokyo newspaper evening edition on Wednesday September 18th 2013.

I believe that many people read this article, I hope this article will give us a chance to find missing Lee-chan.

Mr. Okubo and we are still looking for Lee (Setter, large dog, female)

Feature of the missing dog

Name: Lee (Lee-chan, ‘chan’ is Japanese honorific.)
English setter
Large dog
Totally white on her body
Her ears are right brown
She has gray spotted around her nose
Then she had silver chains around her neck
Then 8 years old (Now 10 years old)
Then not spay
Then not microchipped
Gentle & Friendly

When Last Seen

2 and a half years ago, Sunday March 13th 2011 about 4-5 pm, Lee-chan was filmed by Fuji TV crew.
Next morning, Monday March 14th 2011 about 7 am, the photo of Lee-chan was taken by Takuya Imai who is a cameraman of Nikkei newspaper, near the place dogs filmed by Fuji TV.

Where Last Seen

Nearby 円庵(まどか庵 Madoka-Ann which was light meal shop.), near the Sendai Municipal Arahama Elementary School, in Arahama, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken, Japan.
Nearby Miyagi Prefectural Road137, Arahama-Haranomachi Line in Japan.

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Image of Lee-chan (filmed by Fuji TV at March 13th 2011 about 4-5 pm.)

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Image of Lee-chan (this photo is taken by Takuya Imai who is a cameraman of Nikkei news paper, at near by Madoka-Ann, on March 14th, 2011. about 7 am)

Madoka-Ann was the place where the dogs filmed by Fuji TV

Do you know someone who had been in Sendai around March – April 2011?
2 and a half years ago, actually, PETA Asia, HSI, Kinship Circle, other foreign cameramen, human rescuers had been in Sendai at that time, but I don’t know other foreign people.
If you know, please tell them this info & please tell me.
I think that there is possibility Lee-chan was got by overseas people, and she was adopted to far from Sendai Japan, but those rescuers might believed in false rescue report and they have not look for the real owner,
or they might did not notice that Lee-chan is same dog as one on TV, or might did not know about these dogs at the beginning.

If anyone have the info on the missing Lee-chan (white female setter), whoever please tell me (Mika Iwamuro) via Email

Too much time passed from the earthquake, but I & their real owner cannot give up searching Lee-chan.
Please help us.

If you access this page from your cell phone, then often 403 error occur.
In that case, would you please access this page again after a short interval, and you can watch this page.

■We have inquired about Lee-chan to several organizations.

I have inquired of 14 animal rescue groups and other about 15 facilities in Japan, if they saw white dog, but 9 groups said “We were told that both dogs were rescued.”
And most of other people did not know these dogs from the beginning, and only one group Animal Friends Niigata, Isabella said “NO proof of their safe, NOTHING.” around October 2011.

August 2012, 2 groups said “We thought both dogs were rescued”, September 2012, one group said same thing.

Around August 2012, I inquired of Ashlay Fruno and PETA Asia, Ashlay has not replied me, but PETA member replied me, but they didn’t had the information of Lee.

Around February 4th 2013, I inquired of HSI and Kinship Circle and ASPCA, about Lee-chan, HSI replied me but they don’t have the information of Lee-chan.
Kinship Circle and ASPCA have not replied me yet.

Even now(March 10th 2013), rumors and major media's wrong report are hindering us from searching for the white dog.

■Missing Dog Poster (up date February 24th 2013)

Poster Missing white tsunami dog Sendai Japan leechan0314demosoft.PDF
image plugin error : ファイルが見つかりません。 (Poster small image Missing white dog Lee-chan demosoft.JPG)

Do you know if someone has seen the white large dog in Sendai Japan, since after March 14th 2011?

Several news said that many foreign human rescuers, animal rescuers, cameramen had came to Sendai Japan, since March 12th 2011.

We believe someone has seen Lee-chan.

Please ask your friends if someone has seen white female setter from Sendai Japan.

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