/gworld list - lists your active worlds
/gworld info <world> - displays some basic info about a world
/gworld create <name> [environment [seed]]- creates a new world on your server, <environment> may be "normal", "nether" or "skylands". defaults to "normal" if left blank
/gworld delete <name> - unloads a world (and deletes it from the plugin's database)
/gworld warpto <name> - teleports you to the world <name>
/gworld setborder <name> <#> - sets the border for world <name> to <#> (denies exploration beyond x/z +/- <#>)
/gworld setcreaturelimit <name> <#> - limits creature spawns to a maximum of <#> creatures for the world
/gworld allowanimals <name> <true|false> - Allows or denys animal spawns on world <name>
/gworld allowmonsters <name> <true|false> - Allows or denys monster spawns on world <name>
/gworld suppresshealthregain <name> <true|false> - Suppresses automatic health regaining when allowmonsters is set to false
/gworld allowpvp <name> <true|false> - Allows or denys PvP combat on world <name>
/gworld allowweatherchange <name> <true|false> - Allows or denys weather to change on world <name>
/gworld setweather <name> <sun|storm> - Sets the current weather for world <name> (ignores allowWeatherChange setting)
/gworld timefrozen <name> <true|false> - (Un)freezes the current time on world <name>
/gworld settime <name> <sunrise|noon|sunset|midnight> - Sets the current time for world <name> (also sets time for timefrozen)

/gate create <name> - creates a new teleportation point at your current position - make sure you look at the direction your users should look at, when they ARRIVE at this point
/gate move <name> - moves a gates location to your current position
/gate delete <name> - deletes a teleportation point
/gate link <name1> <name2> - creates a link from <name1> to <name2>, so when you step on <name1> you will be teleported to <name2>
/gate loop <name1> <name2> - same as /gate link, but for both ways
/gate unlink <name> - deletes the destination for <name1>
/gate unloop <name1> <name2> - deletes a loop between the two gates (if it exists)
/gate info <name> - displays some basic info about a gate
/gate list - lists all gates in all worlds in alphabetical order
/gate listnear [radius] - lists all gates near you (radius defaults to 10, BE CAREFUL WITH BIG NUMBERS!)
/gate listsolo - lists all gates without a source or destination
/gate warp <name> - teleports you to the given teleportation point