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Staff writers Philip Rucker, christian louboutin pigalle Perry Bacon Jr. and Dan Balz contributed to this report. Rucker and Balz reported from New Hampshire. Still, he acknowledged continuing challenges. "[W]e still face some tough times," Obama said. "There are still some head winds that are coming at us." Some political analysts said Obama would have to confront just how fierce those winds are. "The prospect of economic growth getting up to a point and unemployment getting down to a point that is comfortable for an incumbent are declining by the month, and are now not very high at all," said William Galston, a policy adviser in the Clinton White House and a veteran of Democratic presidential campaigns. He added, "I hope there's someone on the inner circle with the standing and the guts to tell the president that, if things continue the way they're going, despite everything he's done, bridal christian louboutin he's going to be in trouble."
Behind the economic distress is a series of unexpected events, including the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the European debt crisis and rising gasoline prices. As a result of the unemployment rate turning back up and the housing market reaching new lows since the slump began in 2006, numerous economists have reduced their expectations for economic growth this year. Even more challenging for Obama is that some of the hardest-hit states, such as Florida, Nevada and Michigan, are critically important for his reelection strategy. President Obama walks with an employee after picking up gardening gloves Friday for the first lady during a visit to Fred's Pro Hardware, a family-owned business in Toledo. Deals blow to Obama's momentum MSNBC that the plant Obama visited would have been closed if any of the Republican candidates had been president.